WWE 2K17: Umfangreicher Patch 1.05 wird verteilt (inkl. Changelog)

2K Games und das zuständige Entwickler-Studio Yukes haben für die Wrestlingsimulation WWE 2K17 einen neuen Patch veröffentlicht. Der umfangreiche Patch wiegt 1,1 GB und steht ab sofort für PlayStation 4 und Xbox One zum Download bereit.

Was der Patch alles für Neuerungen und Verbesserungen beinhaltet, könnt ihr dem englischen Changelog entnehmen.


  • Chain wrestling can now be manually initiated in the early stage of a match by holding the right bumper (R1/RB) and pressing the grapple button (X/A)
  • Fixed a stability issue that occurred when selecting Cesaro with an Alternate Attire and entering a match
  • Fixed an issue with Superstars unintentionally picking up an opponent when attempting a ground grapple
  • Performing a wake up taunt will cause the opponent to face the taunting Superstar after getting up
  • Fixed an issue with Superstars performing diving charged finishers against a ringside opponent
  • Addressed an issue with OMG! moves improperly granting momentum to the attacker when reversed
  • Fixed an issue with the second player not being able to control both tag team partners in a two on two tag team match
  • Users are now able to trigger a bottom rope elimination when one is already ongoing during a Royal Rumble
  • Fixed an issue with COM Superstars not switching targets at appropriate moments in multi-man matches
  • Enziguri strikes now properly connect against a groggy opponent
  • Superstars no longer interrupt team members’ finisher and finisher pin combos during 6-Man Elimination Tag matches
WWE 2K17: Das Moves-Pack veröffentlicht und im Trailer präsentiert


  • Addressed various issues related to online stability
  • Stitching and Body Oil now display properly on Superstars in online matches


  • Addressed multiple stability issues in MyCareer mode
  • Fixed an issue with logos not appearing properly on an imported Custom Superstar in MyCareer

WWE Universe

  • Fixed an issue where certain Universe settings failed to reset when choosing to reset a Superstar to default

Visual Presentation

  • Addressed a music-animation syncing issue with Finn Bálor’s entrance
  • Braun Strowman now wears his mask during an entrance when being used as a manager
  • Addressed an issue with certain title entrance motions not displaying a championship during the entrance
  • Addressed an issue with a duplicate championship appearing on the title holder during an entrance in a Ladder Title match
  • Natalya will now appear with unique Header and Wall Parts when viewing her Entrance in game
  • Addressed an issue with the background appearing improperly during entrances for Venue Size 4 Custom Arenas

WWE Creations – Superstar

  • The user is now able to rotate a Superstar to apply Hair Dye to the top of a Custom Superstar’s head. Additionally, Hair Dye now applies to the underside of hair, allowing for more uniform dyeing on layered hairstyles
  • Kane’s hair will now layer over all his masks when equipping his masks in WWE Creations
  • Addressed a stability issue that could occur when scrolling through Buttocks types for female Superstars
  • Addressed a warping issue when combining certain dress outfits with knee-high boots for female Superstars
  • Fixed an issue when importing Asuka’s attire to another Superstar
  • Fixed an issue with boot tassels behaving unnaturally for female Superstars
WWE 2K17: Launch-Trailer zum Legenden-Paket

WWE Creations – Victory

  • Addressed an issue with character appearing to shake unnaturally in certain victory scenes
  • Music is no longer present when setting the Victory Music to “None”

WWE Creations – Move-Set

  • Attributes will now be copied over when selecting to copy from another Superstar while creating a Move-Set

WWE Community Creations

  • Alternate Attires for Managers are now able to be uploaded to Community Creations
  • Fixed an issue with the Upload Date filter not functioning properly when searching for Downloads


  • Fixed an issue with commentary not referring to participating Superstars on WWE Universe match-up screens
  • Lillian Garcia now correctly announces contested Custom Championships prior to a match, and Custom Championships are now correctly announced when a Superstar in a custom team successfully defends it after a title match
  • Addressed an issue with certain heel Superstars not being booed by default
  • Breezeango’s entrance theme is now present in the Music Jukebox
  • Entrance music now plays properly when combined with the “International Sensation” entrance motion


  • Added support for the “WWE 2K17 Future Stars Pack” downloadable content ahead of release
  • WWE 2K17 NXT Enhancement Pack: Fixed issues with pin combos and major reversals for the Kinshasa 1 move
  • WWE 2K17 Legends Pack: Sycho Sid’s Knee Pads now appear correctly in gameplay when creating an Alternate Attire using his default Attire as a base

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