The Crew: Das Februar-Update steht zum Download bereit

Ubisoft hat das Februar-Update für den MMO-Racer The Crew freigegeben. Der Patch für die PS4 trägt die Versionsnummer 1.03 und ist rund 344 MB gross. Der Patch spendiert dem MMO-Racer unter anderem einen neuen PvP-Spielmodus, neue Fraktionsmissionen und ein verbessertes Handling der Fahrzeuge.

Was sich sonst noch alles ändert, könnt ihr dem offiziellen Changelog entnehmen:

New Content

  • New PvP mode
  • The new PvP mode is an elimination race with 10 new tracks available.
  • New faction missions
  • Four new faction missions will be released with the patch on Thursday, February 12.
  • Fixes and Updates


  • The quick co-op feature has been improved, and several bugs related to joining sessions have been fixed.
  • PvP lobby improvements
  • Enabled browsing of players after selecting cars.
  • PvP session improvements
  • Matchmaking should now allow players to find more players quicker.


  • Fixed the issue that was causing statistics to display incorrect data and/or simply reset the data.
  • Previous data will not be restored, but new statistics should not be lost anymore.


  • Fixed an issue related to unlocking and tracking the progress of certain awards.


  • Fixed an issue related to progression on challenges.

Frame rate

  • Improved frame rate in cockpit view.


  • Fixed an issue when applying certain parts.


  • Fixed an issue related to a friend’s presence in game – their status will be set to offline when they quit the game.


  • Improvements and tweaking of several cars’ handling and speed.
  • Buggy’s grip has been improved in order for it to be able to climb hills as other Raid cars. Fixed a bug where some cars were able to reach an extreme off-road top speed in reverse gear for: Bentley Continental GT, Cadillac Escalade, Abarth 500, Alfa Romeo 4C, Hummer H1 Alpha
  • MINI Cooper S in Circuit Spec:
    • Toned down the nitro and grip for MINI Cooper S.
  • Lamborghini Murcielago in Circuit Spec:
    • Grip slightly improved when using nitro.


  • AI behavior in some missions improved.
  • AI and police car behavior in chase missions improved:
  • Opponent cars are now less aggressive, and they try more to follow players instead of taking them down.


  • Modifications applied to the friction on side barriers in order to avoid wall-riding exploit.

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