FIFA 13: Die komplette Trophy-Liste

In genau einem Monat erscheint die heiss erwartete Fussballsimulation „FIFA 13“ unter anderem für PlayStation 3. Bereits heute ist nun die offizielle Trophy-Liste im Internet aufgetaucht. Wer alle Trophäen sammeln will, muss sich durch die verschiedenen Modi kämpfen.

„FIFA 13“ erscheint am 27. September 2012 für PlayStation 3 und PS Vita. Anbei die vollständige Trophy-Liste (derzeit nur auf englisch).

Bronze Trophies:

  • Bronzed – Complete the Bronze stage of all Skills
  • Trolling for Goals – Score a free kick after running over the ball
  • No Goal For You – Goal line clearance
  • Creeping on the Down Low – Wall creep, free kick is blocked by wall
  • Body Control – Score an off balance shot
  • Cheeky – Chip the keeper
  • Get In! – Score a Diving Header
  • Brains and Brawn – Shield the ball out of play for a goal kick
  • Road to Promotion – Win a FUT Season match
  • Gey Physical – Seal out an attacking player to gain possession of the ball
  • 1 Week – Win all the FIFA Matchday Games of the week in a single week
  • Fix it – Win a FIFA Matchday Live Fixture
  • Getting Real – Play 25 FIFA Matchday Games
  • Hello World – Play your first match with your Online Pro
  • On the Rise – Earn a Promotion in FIFA Seasons
  • One of the Bros – Be part of a Club win
  • Bros – Play a FIFA Season game with a guest
  • Good Start – Unlock 10% of accomplishments with your Online Pro
  • Still Friends? – Win an Online Friendlies Season
  • Mr Manager – Take Control of your own FIFA Ultimate Team
  • Silverware – Win a Trophy in a FUT competition
  • Building My Club – Open your first FUT pack
  • I love this club – Achieve a club value of 85,000,000
  • So Euro – Enable European competition in the first season of Career Mode
  • For Country – Become a manager of an international team
  • Way with Words – Successfully request additional funds from your board in Career Mode
  • Wheeling and Dealing – Complete a Player + Cash deal in Career Mode
  • Nice Form – Achieve your match set objective as a player at any point in your career
  • Digi-Me – Start your Play as Player career with a created Pro
  • Packing Bags – Go out on loan or transfer to another club with your Pro in Play as Player
  • Master Negotiator – Sell a player by getting your counter offer accepted by the CPU
  • Look at me! – Download your GameFace from Football World to your Online or Play as Player Pro
  • Dedication – Complete 20 EASFC Challenges
  • Maxed Out – Reach the daily limit of XP in the EASFC
  • EASFC Youth Academy – Reach level 5 in the EASFC
  • Challenging – Complete an EASFC Challenge
  • Big Spender – Purchase an item with EASFC currency

Silberne Trophäen:

  • Road to Mastery – Unlock a Skill Challenge
  • Division King – Win a Division title in FIFA Seasons
  • Filing Cabinets – Win a Cup in FIFA Seasons
  • Well on Tour Way – Unlock 25% of accomplishments with your Online Pro
  • Press Conference – Purchase a Gold player in the Auction House for 15K or more using Buy Now
  • Promoted – Earn promotion in FUT Seasons
  • Challenge Accepted – Win a match against a team of the week
  • National Pride – Get called up to the national team as a player
  • Impressive – Achieve one of your season objectives as a player at any point in your career
  • EASFC Starting 11 – Reach level 20 in the EASFC

Goldene Trophäen:

  • Open 50 FUT Packs
  • Skill Legend – Become Legendary on one of the Skill Challenges

Versteckte Trophäe:

  • Hidden – There is one hidden trophy in FIFA 13


  • Unlock all trophies


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